A Film By Matthew O'Shea and Aaron Velasquez

An experimental short film in the vein of the Surrealist filmmakers such as Dali and Deren. The idea of this film was to recapture the conscious mind's attempt to re-configure the memories of a dead friend. The memories start off mildly visible. As the film progresses, the memories become dark, detached, distant and unfamiliar to the mind. This film was Aaron and I's first attempt at creating an experimental film for our experimental film class and we can call it a success, for sure.

Thanks to Professor Jeremy Moss and Zachary Reese for your help and input.

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Song Information:
"The End"
by The Doors
Performed by The Doors
Courtesy of Elektra/Asylum Records

TDF 371 - Experimental Film
Prof. Jeremy Moss
Spring 2013

Cheers, folks.

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