In winter 2012 the post production studio optix decided to redesign their logo and ci.
With the creative team of optix hamburg we created the idea of a generative logo.
The form is defined by the "o" of "optix" and can be filled with every
circle-similar object you can imagine. Some logos are made full cgi, some made by
hand but all are created with passion.


Creative Direction
Bastian Kuhn, Wolfgang Schröder

Animation, 3D, Motion Graphics
Renato Klieger, Wolfgang Schröder, Irma Crusat,
Terline Lie, Sonja Theill, Philipp Nottelmann
Marc Goecke, Michael Gottschalk, Onni Pohl
Design, Shooting, Retouche
Philipp Nottelmann, Sonja Theill

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