No longer adrift explores the idea of settlement and assimilation through the negation of the past. It references the theme of migration and displacement from the perspective of the discarded fragment and plays with the formation of composite territories using dust.

A carpet sweeper was used to collect dust from the departure lounge of numerous airports (JFK, Frankfurt and Perth) gathering the fragments left behind by people in transit.

The strokes of the carpet sweeper brings these isolated fragments together, weaving them into a single form. A composite of different things, spaces and times that eventually becomes a dust brick. Relegated to one object, the dust brick is an enforced grouping through circumstance, where every fiber is stripped of its history and identity and generically labeled as dust.

Through macro videography, the camera slowly tracks across one of the collected dust clumps. In doing so the fragments are rediscovered as evidence of places, past and present, which have somehow become settled in the fibers of the departure lounge carpet. It reveals an entangled landscape of individual fragments shed by people and objects that have passed through in transit. Remnants of meals, pieces of people, fibers from clothes and unidentified bits of nothing, all lie caught in the pile, adrift from their host.

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