A man sits, reading quietly in his home, when he is interrupted by the sound of dripping. He investigates and finds drops of color on the white wall. He wipes them away, but the dripping intensifies. He becomes anxious. The color spreads, even to his body, and he runs for the shower to wash clean.

'Forty-Six' was created by videotaping and editing the actor's performance, and exporting the sequence as a series of still frames - 15 per second. The 3,500+ still images were then printed on paper with a LaserJet printer and hand-painted with watercolor. These painted frames were shot as digital stills and animated to create the final video sequence.

'Forty-Six' has screened:

Chatham University Faculty Art Show
Installed in Gallery with Painted Still Images
Pittsburgh, PA, September 2009

Experiments in Cinema 7.9
Albuquerque, NM, April 2012

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