Body As Site (1992-93)

Arguably, along with works such as The Site (1983), SCAN (1997) and Women & Memory (2005), Body As Site reworks the possibilities of what dance can represent within a highly profound conceptual framework. Working with two artists, Anya Gallacio and Ron Haselden, the graphic artist Paul Elliman and the architect John Lyall – Butcher made the decision that instead of the artists responding to the movement concepts, the visual collaborators would provide an environment or construction independent of the movement and she would choreograph a response to their work. Three of the separate sections were linked only by the music of Simon Fisher Turner and in the fourth the artist produced the sound. The results were radical and extraordinary.

Barclay's New Stages Award

Selected performances:
Royal College of Art, Gulbenkian Gallery, London, UK
Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, UK
Guildford Cathedral, Guildford, Surrey, UK

Visual artists: Paul Elliman, Ron Haselden, John Lyall, Anya Gallacio

Composer: Simon Fisher Turner

Performers: Deborah Jones, Fin Walker, Gill Clarke, Dennis Greenwood, Michael Popper, Michelle Smith

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