trailer for feature documentary film

short description: A young man, Krzysztof Nowiński decides to record a video journal documenting his stay at the hospital while waiting for HIV test results. In the beginning wishing to hide from everyone, he is secretly taping conversations with himself in the toilet. After receiving the information that chances of him being infected with HIV are 50/50 he begins to prepare for the final results and he gradually accepts the fact that they may be positive. Krzysztof record short, daring scenes which reflect his absurd and abstract sense of humor...

cast: Krzysztof Nowiński
directors: Krzysztof Nowiński, Mika Rosenfeld (credited as Dominika Długokęcka)
director of photography: Krzysztof Nowiński
editors: Mika Rosenfeld (credited as Dominika Długokęcka), Artur Chmielowiec, Romuald Krężel

production: Republic of Warsaw 2010
time: 77 min.

The film was nominated to Free Spirit Award at the Warsaw Film Festival 2010

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