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Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier was created by the Army with one primary purpose: to develop the best equipment and field it as quickly as possible so that our Soldiers remain second to none in missions that span the full spectrum of military operations.

As recent operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have vividly demonstrated, getting the right equipment to our military men and women is absolutely critical.

By viewing the Soldier as part of an integrated system, PEO Soldier ensures that the Soldier and everything he or she wears or carries works together as an integrated system. The result is an overall systematic design that benefits Soldiers by enhancing their ability to accomplish individual and collective tasks, improving quality of life, building confidence, and saving lives. In this respect, PEO Soldier is at the vanguard of Army transformation.

Headquartered at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, PEO Soldier designs, develops, procures, fields, and sustains virtually everything the Soldier wears or carries. By employing innovative concepts and technologies, PEO Soldier has made great strides in quickly getting improved equipment into the hands of Soldiers when and where they need it.
Project Manager Soldier Protection & Individual Equipment develops, fields, and sustains the world's best Soldier equipment to advance Soldiers' warfighting capabilities. PM Soldier Protection & Individual Equipment procures, adapts, or develops state-of-the-art clothing, other individual equipment, and survivability items, including:

* Helmet-mounted vision enhancements for improved situational awareness in all visibility conditions
* Weapon sights for enhanced target acquisition
* Weapon-mounted and Soldier-carried sensors and lasers for accurate location of targets by pointing, illuminating, locating, and/or designating
* Ballistic and fragmentation protection
* Technologically advanced tactical equipment for the individual Soldier
* Environmental protective clothing
* Individual chemical protective gear
* Personnel airdrop equipment
* Flame-resistant clothing
* Clothing Bag items

Product Manager Soldier Clothing and Individual Equipment (PM SCIE)
Product Manager Soldier Clothing and Individual Equipment provides comfortable uniforms that enhance mission effectiveness. These products protect against manmade threats, such as fire and biological/chemical agents, as well as environmental threats, such as extreme weather conditions. PM SCIE also provides improved parachute systems.

Product Manager Soldier Protective Equipment (PM SPE)
Product Manager Soldier Protective Equipment develops and fields high-tech equipment to provide enhanced force protection. PM SPE produces state-of-the art armor protection to defeat ballistic, fragmentation, blast, and flame threats in the theater of war. Its products include body armor, helmets, and ballistic eye protection.

PEO Soldier Public Affairs

Please contact us if you have questions regarding educational hand-outs or if you are interested in the PEO Soldier exhibit or road show.

5901 Putnam Road Bldg 328-E
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5422

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