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A couple of weeks ago I read a great blog post by Jeff Bulas. Jeff laid out nine ways to convince a CEO to use Social media.

His list includes things like:
Scare them by showcasing how poorly they perform on search engines or show them their website’s grade.
Use case studies from other success stories, show them how popular social media is using facts and figures, set up google alerts or even buy them a book – Jeff recommends a great book by David Meerman Scott called The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

I meet with a lot of executives at huge companies and in my opinion here’s the problem with Jeff’s list – it doesn’t address the only two things a CEO cares about – driving revenue or reducing costs.

I haven’t met with a CEO yet who is persuaded by case studies or scared silly into using social media. However, I have met with CEO’s who understand that if I can show them a path to reducing support costs or driving sales they don’t care what I use as long as it works.

Here’s how I believe you can convince any CEO to start using social media... show them a plan – for their company – that highlights two ways you can reduce their costs and two ways you’re going to increase revenues. Sure, bolster your case with a couple of real world examples and hold some of those social media stats in your back pocket in case they’re interested...

Look, a good CEO trusts his staff to understand things like social media. You don’t need to teach him how to do it himself, you just need him to sign off on a plan that positively impacts her bottom line. As soon as you do that... you’re on the path to success.

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