Fun. Exuberance. Pure Joy.
One could write a book about the various aspects of the cultural experience expressed by the festival of Guelaguetza held at the end of July each year in Oaxaca, Mexico. Certainly, one impression that one comes away with is the enthusiasm of the participants. Groups, or delegaciones as they are known, come from all over the state of Oaxaca to the city to express their cultural identity and to basically have a good time. Certainly they are not alone, but a group that demonstrates this in abundance is from the community of Putla de Guerrero.

All the players here are from Putla, the girls, the guys, the viejitos (dressed in the colorful rags), and the manikin women (or whatever they are called) with the parasols and fans.

During Guelaguetza there a performances by all the delegations at the city stadium on the hill above Oaxaca. These performances are on the last two Mondays of July. On the previous Saturdays a calenda, or parade, with the various delegations snakes through the city. The video here was shot PRIOR to one of the street parades in 2012. That is to say, this is what the group does BEFORE they get serious about celebrating.

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