At Chateau de Mytheme, Dominique Chardon Savard, Founder and CEO of Atelier Chardon Savard - fashion design school in Paris (France) - organizes workshops to synthesize the essence of her educational methods.
The seminars are based on the guests' specifc needs to activate the implementation of creativity, and share it all in small groups.
It also represents for the experts involved, the opportunity to meet creative, commercial and business executives. Dominique Chardon Savard's teachings are here adapted to people with various requirements, and who come from different cultural backgrounds.
This video, filmed in april 2013, gives an overview about the type of workshops and seminars organized at Chateau de Mytheme, in the heart of Mayenne (France) . It was all made possible thanks to a team of experts including Dominique Chardon Savard, Jean Paul Cauvin, Emmanuelle Donnard, Pascal-Ambroise Arnaud, but also the household team at Chateau de mYtheme including Chef Pierre, Nadine Savard and Marine Ponthiaux.... and above all, thanjs to wonderful guests : Frank Cintamani and team @ Fide Fashion Weeks.

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