A. Bill Miller
"9 (disambiguation)"
Through the act of repetitively drawing the numeral nine, A. Bill Miller attempts to conjure and disambiguate its deeper meaning. The process will be projected live as a Time-Lapse animation is created to record the artist attaining true nineness.

Performed at
9/9/09 Performance Art Showcase
Intense and low-down fun all at the same time:
9 pieces taking place in 9 different spaces. The pieces will take place for
9-minute intervals 9 times, with a sound break related to 9 in between each
segment in a central lounge area. All the pieces will reference 9, using
dance, dialog, music, repetitive action, ritual, and more. This will not be
a sit-down show. Return to the same room for all 9 segments, or view 9
different pieces. Choose your own adventure!

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