We didn't want to just feel like we were going through the motions making this years catalogue. scrambling for riding photos at the last minute, then slapping them next to a bunch of random product shots just feels a bit outdated. if we are to continue putting something out in print when information is so current on the internet, making this catalogue had to be something that would be enjoyable, and feel like there was a good reason behind it, as well as being productive.

A Selection of our team riders we're invited down to Hastings for 4 Days in the sun, and we would only use what we got in those days. Some only just made it down the road before car troubles, and some carried on a Friday Night right into a day by the seaside.

This edit captures all the riding and behind the scenes action into what went into making this catalogue, to download a pdf of the catalogue, or find out how to get a hard copy, then just visit the site.

Amos Burke, Ben Green, Dan Boiski, Bengo, Benson, Luke Peeters, Leo Forte, Kye Forte, Owain Clegg, Alex Kennedy, Tom Sanders, Tom Blyth, Robin Fenlon, James Cox & Million Dollar Marv.


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