The 6th story of a series of 7 Living Postcards from Valsugana.
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It's about time to reframe what we think of when we hear "Happy Meal". "The real happy meal" is a funny prelude about the joy of delicious, fair home grown food. The story takes you on a trip from the dinner table in the open mountain air, through the kitchen to the organic gardens back to the roots.

A real happy meal cares about its origins. All products used are home grown, organic or cultivated with respect.

Also experiece a Happy Meal in Valsugana or get cooking lessons of chef Luigi at Le Pozze?

Every traveler lives the own story
... come to Valsugana
....... because you'll love yours

Live and love your story in Valsugana.. and good food.


Filmed a restaurant “La Pozze” Valsugana, Trentino, Italy

A project of Valsugana Tourism
Follow project: &

Produced by StoryTravelers:

Edited and Filmed by Caspar Diederik
Music "Pie in the Sky" by Lana Palmer, White Sparrow Music,

Luigi Montibeller | Chef at “Le pozze”
The crew of APT Valsugana:
Luca D’Angelo
Maddalena Prada
Sara Ganarin
Omar Rappelato
Patrizio Andreatta
Marianna Casarola | Storytravelers

StoryTravelers in Valsugana

We believe in the power of telling stories about genuine experiences and emotions one can live in a territory to inspire people. The "actors" are people that live and work in the territory, who we surprised one day with our camera. Like as if it's heir second nature they played their roles fantastically, just being themselves.
The tourism board of Valsugana luckily agrees with our philosophy and therefore invited StoryTravelers to come and live their territory for two weeks and discover what this beautiful valley has to offer. Our task is to come up with some creative visual interpretations of what we lived to. Now of course it's the turn of many others to dive into the plenty of joy.

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