Dissolving Self employs metaphoric data visualization, motion capture and wearable technology to harness the subtle movements of a contemporary dancer. I was curious to ask how new media technologies can be used to augment the experience of watching performative art. Much of the inspiration of this piece comes from Rumi's mystic poetry and the physical meditative ritual of Sufi whirling.

A gyroscope and a radio module (Xbee) worn by the dancer measure and transmit speed of rotation and a Microsoft Kinect captures lateral movement. These two sets of live data are fed into Processing, an open source software to create a responsive and metaphoric visualization that is projected over the dancer.

Maziar Ghaderi
Original Concept, Creative Direction

Ryan Maksymic
Technical Direction

Carlos Montenegro, student sponsored by CNPq - Brazil
Sound Design, Technical Assistance

Denise Mireau, Studio for Movement
Choreography, Dancer

Processing sketch based on "Ellipses", by Kryštof Pešek (Kof), licensed under
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 and GNU GPL license.
Work: openprocessing.org/visuals/?visualID=10478


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