The Protocorn pharmaceutical trial results for the 500mg dosage Mini-Knee capsule are in! Side effects may include eagle vision, cakey pride, shy grundles, heel pop oldies, taco penis, pipe troll payments, soggy bagfuls, and revelation of the One True Chicken. Sign up now for the incredible Bagel Lasik procedure courtesy of Total Unicorp 2013! See U at Uni-con 2014! Headliners, the Nodoz Natural Tapshow Boner People are confirmative!

Directed by Stephen Hal Fishman
Videography by PJ Raval
Edited, composited, & animated by: Stephen Hal Fishman

Total Unicorn:
Lyman 'Corn Wizard Venti' Hardy III: music
Stephen 'Microcorn Eagle Vision' Fishman: viz
Lindsey 'Cornette' Taylor: choreography
Stanley 'Fantasy Horn' Williamson: dancer, puppetry

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