Welcome to my Graduation Reel.

This reel was created of my graduation project in which I had to create a room and decorate it several times for different individuals in different time periods. The individuals are Thomas Edison (1900), Albert Einstein (1950) and Steve Jobs (2000). During my specialization I had 15 weeks to create my pipeline and create the first room. During my graduation I had 20 weeks to create the other 2 rooms and render out the project. The room is based on the Prairie school architectural style created by Frank Lloyd Wright. For every individual I had to do a lot of research to make the room look like they belonged to the corresponding individual. The project took about 3 weeks to render with 26 threads over distributed rendering. Everything you see in the renders is created by me (models, textures, shading, lighting, Camera Animations, compositing, Editing)

Software used for the project:
Autodesk Maya
Chaosgroup V-Ray
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After effects

Road kill plugin for Maya
Nvidia Normal map filter for Photoshop
xNormal plugin for Photoshop


Marcel van Walsum

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