Completed as part of BA Visual Communication 2013, Copyright David Stanley, 2013

Filmed and Edited by David Stanley,
Music: The Skate Date by David Stanley

The skate date is a piece that is designed to question what the world of a pair of skates would be like if they could go out and live a life for a day. It questions the meaning we associate with inanimate objects, and asks what if that pen could talk for example? Would he/she complain that you are gripping it too tightly? Or even that you’re wasting its ink? Would it talk at all?

This is the kind of idea that I had when I began exploring the world of the pair of skates. So the question I asked would be what if a pair of skates could love? What if they saw a girl pair of skates that they liked?
This formed the structure of my story line; the skates get up out of bed and go about their day. They go into the park, and skate around for a while, then head into town and go on the tram, and explore around town. Then, they see her, a lovely pink pair of skates that they instantly like, and are attracted to. The quickly rush after her, only to find she is meeting with a skateboard, the pair of skates’ archenemy. The skateboard tells the skates to get lost, and goes off with the girl, while the skates are left to run home, and fall down in despair, with a broken heart.
In terms of the visual aesthetic of the piece itself, I shot the piece in a way that picks focus, so that your eye is naturally drawn to the movement of the skates, as well as varying the angles so you get a clearer overall idea of the way they move, as well as where they are going and what they are doing. The colour tone is with a slight hint of green and a high contrast setting, as well as adding a vignette, to add to the focus points and visual appeal of the piece to evoke more of a reaction from the audience as well as being reminiscent of the emotion that is felt within the film.

The music was composed with a very relaxed feel in mind. The idea is that the pair of skates goes about their day without a care in the world, slowly and freely making their way around. This is something that I wanted to reflect in the music, which I think adds a lot to the feel and over all effect the piece has. The other thing that adds to the feel is when the emotion of the visual piece changes, the music changes with it. That match up is another thing that helps the audience shift emotions with the pair of skates.

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