This video was filmed during the Fall of 2012. The goal was to continue to showcase some of best problems in Telluride, at all grades. I also made it a point to show some newer problems that were cleaned and climbed since the guidebook came out. These include 'Year Of Hibernation', 'Rainy Days In Bas Cuvier', 'Headlights Like Diamonds', 'The Hurst Problem' and 'Super Frogger'.

Problems shown include: 'All Our Yesterdays' (v6), 'Year Of Hibernation' (v6), 'Rainy Days In Bas Cuvier' (v3/4), 'Headlights Like Diamonds' (v5/6), 'Pinch' (v4), 'Fuck The Method' (v5), 'The Hurst Problem' (v5), 'Super Frogger' (V6), 'Free Range Sit' (v4) and 'Your Climbing Makes My Eyes Bleed' (v1+).

Some of the grades are different than what was given in the guidebook. This is simply an attempt to reflect the current grade consensus for each problem.

Hopefully this video will inspire and motivate people to visit/explore Ilium and Telluride. As always, comments/questions/thoughts are always welcome!


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