Concept storyboard trailer for the feature script. (Presentation part 1 of 3)
Contained Action-Thriller.

Logline: A vengeful terrorist and his faction take a medical headquarters hostage on the night of a revolutionary announcement. Now, an FBI negotiator must save his captive family and prevent a full-scale tactical assault, while the terrorist exposes a dark truth behind the life-changing medicine.

Writer/Director: Rocky Jo
*establishing shots from other films

Bio: Rocky has directed over 100+ world class athletes including Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning, Mia Hamm, and for clients such as Toyota, Gatorade, the US Marines, US Navy, US National Guard, Cisco Systems, and numerous NFL, NHL, and NBA teams.

Born in Texas, educated at Boston U. (dual in Finance & Film), Rocky landed in LA where he honed his highly kinetic and often anime-influenced directing style. With his deep knowledge in writing, editing, and coloring, his projects have garnered a number of awards. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, he loves just working with great people to tell amazing stories.

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