Chapter 4

A full length comic book adventure for children and adults alike, using the toy Playmobil in photographic and model backgrounds - in 9 chapters (available in English, French, German and Spanish)

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Thomas Swift, a professor at the University of Devon, receives a letter from a friend concerned about the strange goings on surrounding a medical student - Anika Price. Thomas sets off to investigate and embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, finding himself fighting Vikings in medieval England, chasing kidnappers, and climaxing in a confrontation with the Dark Lord in his 9th Century fortress, as he solves the mystery.

"- it's really impressive and the amount of work that has gone into it is incredible" - Garen Ewing

"... This leaves us with a passionate and extraordinary piece of work that combines all these skills, interests and influences" from Grovel Graphic Novel Reviews

Geobra Brandstatter - the maker of Playmobil have given their permission for the publication of this book on the internet or in printed form, on the strict basis it is for non-commercial purposes.

It took me several years to complete the book - which contains over 300 pictures. I have created a slideshow from the book, with music and sound effects. More information about the book and how it was made can be found on my website -

Although I had hopes of selling the book and funding sequels, this is now a non-commercial venture.

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