It's important to know where your traffic is coming from, so you can discover where to get more of it!
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Discover the real traffic GEMS & Ditch the JUNK
Successful Projects Always Start with the "Prep Work"
Step #1 : Setting up your GOALS
On the Admin Panel select the Goals Tab
By the way - You ARE building an email list right?
02:30 Setting up your first URL Goal tracking the subscriber "Thank You" page
04:15 Setting up a Goal to track visitors who reach more than 2 pages on your blog
We'll Focus on Traffic from Google Search
05:35 Step #2: Connect Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics Watch this video
Now You're ready to get MEANINGFUL insights from Google Analytics
06:30 Where Do People Go -When they visit Your Blog? Find Your Blog's Most Popular Pages On The "Site Content" Reports
08:30 Where do your blog visitors come from - find out on the "Sources" Report
Lets Find out Where the Rubber Meets the Road
10:05 How to use the Goals to determine ROI of various traffic sources. This is how to find out which sites send you "quality" traffic
Social Conversion Tracking By Goal
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