Concept, visual design and projection mapping by Irīna Špičaka
Creative code, technical structure by Krišjanis Rijnieks
Sound by Platons Buravickis

Metasphere is an electronic audiovisual installation, where instead of traditional rectangular screen a 2 x 2 m sculpture with mapped projections on it is used. The sculpture has a form of a hemisphere that consists of triangles - during the installation loop, main elements of the structure (dots, lines, triangles, etc.) are being discussed, they are being compared to structures inside authors minds. This work portrays a fragment of everyday human perception experience, that includes exploration of the external world and how this process interacts with subjective mechanism of reflection.

Basic forms used in the projections form a larger object. Similarly the greek prefix μετα- (meta-) is used when talking about data that is a part of another data - circle, line and triangle are data that is a part of the sphere.

Sound in the Metasphere installation is an integral piece, it is being synchronized with moving image. Sound is made by using creative coding tools and other methods of electronic music creation, inspired by the basic principles of academic music composition.

Metasphere is Irīna's Špičaka's MA thesis work within Art Academy of Latvia Visual Communication department, that is being made in cooperation with Krišjanis Rijnieks (technically visual solution) and Platons Buravickis (sound).


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