I've been documenting David since he was blinded as a result of a freak bicycling accident 2 years ago. Before the accident robbed him of his sight (David is 100% blind, zero light perception) he was an avid collector of books and an avid reader. His rooms are filled with books gathering dust, their pages filled with adventures, lives, stories and descriptions of visions and vistas that David is unable to now experience.

Together we can raise the money required to purchase a SARA - Scanning and reading appliance; a device designed solely for those affected with blindness and one able to be used right of of the box. The SARA will allow David to place his books or any other printed material upon it and then convert the printed text to audio that David will be able to hear. From being unable to read to able to read any printed material in 5 minutes.

I've searched for months for such a piece of apparatus. Not only will it give David the opportunity to experience again the joys of reading, using words to create sights and sensations within his own imagination he'll also be able to re-integrate himself within the now of the everyday that many of us take for granted. He will be able to read today's newspaper, read the daily mail delivered to his home.

When all you can see is nothing, when you have no idea if the sun or moon is tall in the sky, when you wake into a world that's forever black anything that enables a foothold into each day is more than mere entertainment, it's a lifesaver, a life maker. The SARA scanner will take David from an abyss, a vacuum and give him back to the world and the world back to him.

So please, whilst considering David and his story understand this is so much more than affording David a chance to read books, it's really us all throwing him a life raft that he can cling to and stay afloat in a life that was truly disabled when his sight was taken.

Full details of the fundraising pitch and how YOU can help and donate are on the Hope Mob site. (If you share or embed this video, please, please include this link also as it's how the money is collected!)


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