To manage risk ist to assess risk and to develop effective strategies to reduce it.

This is my research proposal for the European Ph.D. Project for Team 13.

Synopsis: Subversive individuals and groups have been extremely successful in undermining the personal freedom of individuals and groups by employing an array of psychological influence techniques systematized by Mao Tse Tung during the Chinese cultural revolution and perfected during the Korean war and subsequent 'mind control cults' or 'psychological sects'. Several of these groups - Scientology and the Unfication Church, as well as extremist islamic factions to name but a few - have the self declared objective to infiltrate government institutions to change policies and create laws in line with their agenda.
As a member of the Unficiation Church from 1986 to 1993 I was exposed to this agenda, which is also the reason for the UC 'purchasing' a majority on the board of Bridgeport University, Connecticut: In order to award members academic titles which coud further their advance in politics.
The most recent occurrence of such manipulation attempt was the posing of Jehovah's Witness Mitch Romney as presidential candidate. Had he succeeded against Obama, the president of the Unites States of America would have become a cult leader!

To prevent such occurences with direct impact on public policy forming - and to protect individuals and organizations from infiltration and manipulation by mind control groups, identifying and exposing of the involved strategies is a necessity of high priority.

This research then proposes to do just that - and to develop prevention, intervention and self help materials to protect the indiviudal freedom of mind and the functioning of society based on the principles of freedom and democracy.

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