Video was shot with a GoPro Hero3 White edition camera at 720p and 60fps. The camera was hard mounted to the quadcopter frame without any vibration dampening. I really didn't "edit" the film with Final Cut Express except for trimming some off the beginning and the end of the video. I just used FCE to try and export to a format that's compatible with Vimeo.

This has been an exercise in trying to find the best export settings in Final Cut Express to upload into Vimeo. These are the export setting that were used;
File Format - MP4
Video Format - H.264
Data Rate - 5000
Image size - 1280x720 HD
Frame rate - 30fps
Video Options - Encoding Mode - Best Quality
In the Color Correction section I adjusted the Hue wheel one notch counter clockwise.

Are these the best settings to use for Vimeo? Facebook

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