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How to grind fresh rice flour with a Blendtec or Vitamix commercial blender. The Vitamix and Blendtec can be used as a grain mill, meat grinder and coffee grinder. They can grind or mill your seeds and grains into a fine flour or powder. Rice will turn into fresh rice flour in less than a minute with a vitamix or blendtec commercial blender. When you do it this way there are no preservatives or additives and is much less expensive than store bought flours. You can use rice flour as a substitute for all purpose flour and make pancakes and waffles, gluten free flour mixes and other baking with it. The Blender Babes use the commercial blenders Blendtec and Vitamix for all their blender recipes, you can get more fiber than a juicer, mix batters, make nut butters, grind grains, make soups, ice creams, doughs, breads, dips, batters, and more. Don't forget to give us a good blender review and share this video with your friends.

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