Dir: Damián Acosta Esparza, 1987
88 minutes. Mexico.
In Spanish with new English subtitles.

SATURDAY, MAY 11 – 7:30 PM
SATURDAY, MAY 18 – 10:00 PM
SUNDAY, MAY 26 – 7:30 PM

FREE Venganza De Los Punks button with Admission!

Every cinema’s audience gets the film it deserves. Ladies and gentlemen, Spectacle is proud to present to you the sequel to Intrepidos Punks.

Like the mutant linebacker sibling of a literary-minded forebearer, La Venganza is bigger, louder, and naystee-er than it’s older brother—and dos veces más intrépido. As we wrote of the first, La Venganza is still about “a sexy apocalyptic biker gang led by a ruthless luchadore pushing drugs, racing choppers and killing the police who are helpless to stop them. And partying.”

Only this time, one police gets fed up, and goes sub-intrepidos to re-christen himself as the reigning angel of death and kill the fuck out of the punks with profane savagery. Snake torture, ritual satanic murder, live immolation, eye-gouging, mass-murder, acid disfiguration, and base depravity, La venganza de los punks is an almost surrealistic atrocity exhibition; it’s like an more vile cousin to Buñuel’s Land Without Bread, only it’s not a fucking joke.

To defeat los punks, one must become los punks. #VERDAD


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