I ran into Robin while setting up for a music video at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. He was just playing his drums in the park! Most of the crew thought he was a bit annoying but I found it extremely interesting that he's jamming all by himself out in the middle of nature. After a brief intro, I learned that Robin is an original member of the hit group, New Birth.

Robin has since gone solo and many of his beats have been sampled by artists such as Jamie Foxx, T.I. and others. Robin now comes out to Griffith Park at least twice a week just to reconnect to mother nature, hence the title of the film.

To maintain the integrity of the film, I decided to follow his routine and observe and capture how he would connect to the great outdoors. We met up at 4:00am while it was still pitch black. To light the scene, I used one small LED on camera light panel to simulate the moon light. I decided to back light him the majority of the time to give him an edge as he connects to the nature.

The film was shot on a 5D Mark II and 7D with Zeiss ZF.2 lenses. The choice to be on sticks was driven by his calmness and focus while tuning his music and being a part of nature. Other B-rolls were shot with a monopod. I had an extremely fun time connecting to the same energy while shooting Robin's film. Hope you all will enjoy this film as much as I did!

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