A 2 minute profile of an artist , created for the Stillmotion Film Challenge. I wanted the viewer to feel immersed in the creative process of the artist - almost a meditation on the struggle to begin, the intimate relationship with the tools of their craft, and the excitement of the journey of creative self expression.

I followed Stillmotion's suggested storytelling principles of incorporating conflict, passion, a beginning, middle and end, among others. Rather than take a traditional interview approach I decided to go with a more impressionistic style, letting the artist's work and the music tell part of the story instead of forcing a visual artist to use words in an interview to express herself.

The large canvas/mural she is painting tells a story all of its own. It depicts traditional iconic images of the Indian people and depicts the struggles that the tribes are attempting to "rise above".

Artist: Kait Mathews
Music; Wash Me Clean Licensed from The Music Bed, and Rise Remix by Josh Garrells , licensed WithEtiquette

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