I went to a couple of cool locations very close to home in order to test out a friends new camera and lens, the Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm VR Lens Kit.Thus, this entire short is shot using only this lens.

Although this camera does not come with manual control in live mode i manage to overcome that problem by setting my aperture in Auto, then switching on live mode..
I tested out:

(1) how it worked in conjunction being handheld at the wide end of 24mm,
(2) the mid-range using a skateboard as a slider and
(3) the far end of 55mm on close-ups of moving & still shots.

I particularly liked the visual unity of these shots that the camera produced. The out of focus shots that then focus give it a rawness easily & verisimilitude that says this is observational and this is what happens feeling so effortlessly...Over all great Beginner Camera

Director of Photography: Matt René
Song: 'Still Here', Kerry Muzzey Licensed through 'The Music Bed' - themusicbed.com

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