Awakening From the American Nightmare: Consumerism and Hungry Ghosts, Rev Dr Arvid Straube, May 5 2013 sermon
What is your life about? How does your “stuff” define who you are?
• Centering Thought: from Natural Capitalism, Paul Hawken
•Opening Reading (from) the Mangala Sutta (complete), “Avoiding those of foolish ways …
• Preta-Gati; in the Realm of Hungry Ghosts
• American Hungry Ghosts, TNH (scroll to 2nd blog)
• Sacred Brands: Consumerism as Religion, Rossano (HuffPost)
• Consumer Addiction (AlterNet)
• The Three Poisons of the Mind, Buddha
• “ … beauty, elegance, dignity …” Rita Gross
• Benediction: “ .. content with small means …”, from My Symphony, William Henry Channing

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