Down 'n dirty time-lapse (interval) test with PMW-200 camera. Shot and edited in a very short amount of time. Be sure to click the "HD" icon in corner of viewer, next to the volume control.

First and last shot (actually the same shot) were 1 frame per 10 sec. I selected that speed hoping to show smooth motion of the clouds and star movement across the sky as the earth rotates. First issue: no stars. Second issue: the traffic on the street moves a helluva lot faster than the clouds. To compensate for the mismatch in speed, I maxed out the slow shutter to 64 frame accumulation hoping to get a surreal "afterburner" light trail-motion effect from the cars on the street while the clouds rolled above. I was only partially successful. Instead of the light-trail from the traffic I was aiming for, what resulted was a blinking kind of Christmas tree effect. But I did get a super low-noise image with super-punchy colors despite the near-darkness. I had originally planned to capture the stars moving across the sky, like I'd seen done recently in a few documentaries, but sadly, no stars could be seen in the Tokyo skyline. Even the clouds went away as it got later. The rest of the shots were the bread-and-butter 1fps Slow Shutter 16.
— in Tokyo, Japan.

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