In the summer of 1986 my new producer Rick Shaughnessy and I came up with this idea themed for a clothing line inspired by the African designs and the hit movie "Out of Africa". This was our fifth video for the clothing company I.B. Diffusion and our most ambitious to date. At the time, Point of Purchase (in-store) videos were a crazy new concept that had not been tested. Today it seems funny, we see TVs in every store. But we actually had to rent the TVs and VCRs for some stores back in 1987.

This video was shot in one day with 16mm film on the hottest day of the year. Crew members were dropping like flies in this frantic attempt to do 10 or more setups in one day in the sand dunes of Michigans west coast. Then in editing we mixed footage shot by my father in Nairobi, Africa earlier that year. This point of purchase video was a huge budget for us at the time at $32,000 and a big gamble for I.B. Diffusion. Horses, boats, ATVs, a make shift tent and a relatively new device (about 10 years old) called a Steadicam were assembled on this ambitious day. The clothes are very dated but I still like this oldie but goodie.

Director & Editor: Steve Weiss
Producer: Rick Shaughnessy
Cinematography: Rana Segal
Grip: Rusty Whitcroft

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