During his March 2013 trip to the Outer Banks with Russian angler, Igor, Sami landed this 72.5 inch bluefin tuna. During this trip Sami used the new 2013 Shimano Stella 18000.

Here is more from Sami's Report:

On our third day we end up going 1 out of 1 on topwater, I had switched to the Race Point 300 as I believe this is the ultimate rod for North Carolina and we have developed this rod specifically for North Carolina targeting the 300lb + .
We struggled on that day and we couldn’t get a bite , there was no sign of tuna anywhere when I just about to call the day off all of a sudden Captain Ned put the Sea Breeze in full power headed to a designated area,
He shouted form the bridge to cast, we casted in different directions to cover more water,
I switched to the Siren Bad Mon 290 and it took 6 to 8 twitched to see a shadow homing in, Boom!! fish on and the reel is singing, the fish dumped all my spool and left me with 20 yard of line before I can even have a chance to reach for the spool to tighten my drag,
I had my drag set around 27lb on strike and finished the fight at 37lb, fought the fish and brought it to gaff under 19 minutes, the fish measured 72 ½ inch, so happy to save the day and made the right decision not giving up.


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