“Little ABC” is an initiative that aims to boost educational contents in a format that is attractive, approachable and didactic for smaller children (from 3 to 7 years old). The themes used are those that are most accessible for these youngsters, developed in a way that arouses interest and stimulates the senses to boost their understanding of their surroundings in a world that is fulll of so many questions. Various resources are used to achieve this, including character animation, a cartoon-like aesthetic, music and songs. The main aim is to arouse interest in general knowledge by using a specific product, “Little ABC”.


· Duration: 7 minutes
· Production: ILUSA MEDIA
· Scriptwriter: Erik Stengler / Nuria Recio
· Educational advisor: Nuria Recio
· OST: Eduardo Tarilonte / Angel Suarez
· Sound format: 5.1
· Format: Fulldome / TV
· Translation: All languages

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