The Vulcano is an Italian supercar that would fulfil the desires of most people in the supercar world.
Our decision to combine forces to create this supercar was motivated by a desire to create a new and progressive super car which would fit in with modern daily life.
This car is made as a one-off, no more than five will be built.
The car is built by Cecomp, one of the founding partners of Icona based in Torino, Italy.
Engine heat evacuation is managed towards the sides, avoiding the negative aerodynamic impact of hot air. The flat floor has a rear wing integrated under the car. The front grille is also shaped with blades, tuned for down force adjustment. Similar to the Icona Fuselage concept, the integrated wings in the lower area of the wheel arches help to control the air flow and reduce air turbulence. The body is entirely made from carbon fiber, dressed over a strong aluminium extruded chassis.
Thre are two hybrid mechanics available, one is a V12 of 790hp coupled with an advanced hybrid gearbox technology which increases the total power output to 950hp distributed to the rear wheels; the other choice is a hybrid electric four wheel drive coupled with a twin
turbo V6 of 550 hp to create a total of 870hp (WE DON'T EXCLUDE A TIRD CONFIGURATION IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CUSTOMER).
Both versions provide similar extremely high performance. The difference between the two is in the driving style. The H-Turismo V12 is a thoroughbred two wheel drive, extremely capable in the right hands. The H-Competizione is dedicated to reach the maximum drivability thanks to its extremely efficient technology which distributes the perfect power on each corner of the car at any speed. Although the top speed is very high, this is not the priority of either version; both have top speeds estimated at 350 km/h, a velocity rarely used on any super car or race car. The acceleration and handling are really the focus of the Vulcano. The H-Turismo V12 and the H-Competizione can accelerate from 0 – 100 Km/h in 3.1 and 2.9 seconds respectively, and from 0-200 km/h in 9.2 and 8.9 seconds. The main performance difference would be illustrated on the track, where the H-Competizione would also excel with ease in the hands of a non professional driver.
The Chassis is made of aluminium extrusion with the engine in front-central position and the gearbox coupled to the rear axle for a perfect balance of weight. The suspension is duoble triangle front and rear with coiled springs all around.
The car’s dimensions are:
Length: 4.45m; Width: 1.94m; Height: 1.265m; Wheelbase: 2.698m; Weight: 1595 KG (HTurismo V12) and 1635 (H-Competizione).

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