Director - Brad Kremer
Produced - Jim Stone
Executive Producers - Crystal Mistretta, Scott Jacobs
Linemen Consultant - Mike Glueckert
Director of Photography - Brad Kremer
Principal Cinematography - Brad Kremer, Jim Stone, Josh Jasso
2nd Unit - Jared Levy, Robert Grieb
Additional Filming - Dustin Maier, Tim Manning, Joe Carlino, Jeff Colin
Editing - Brad Kremer, Josh Jasso, Nathan Avila
Original Music - Sam Billen
Motion Graphics - Mark Nguyen, Aaron Legere, Jessica Weiss
Photography - Roxy -
Colorist - Hwan Wook Kim - Digital Factory
Sound Mixing - Josh Jasso
Location Coordinator - Janet Daurity
Archival Footage - Steve Beaulieu
Archival Photographs - International Linemen's Museum
Poster Design - Justin Collins
Financial Management - Zach Nehme, Teresa Stewart

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