Exploring and converting the walls of the buildings included in Water Tower Art Fest 2013 into a set design surface, while using another flat surface, brings to implementation the inlay of perhaps one of the most widely and most regularly used protection against dehydration and burns with temporary effect and preferable high pH. There are no special effects, just visual rhetoric - the transfer of meaning of one image into another, which literally draws a parallel between the literal and the figurative. The obtained illustrative footage consisting of physical impressions combines an urbanely framed expression field with targeted acts of cautiousness and intimacy just to bring to foreground the transitional society activities.
The ultimate goal of this videoart work is to ripen into a post-interactive situation, to develop a sense of an already viewed performance, which shares the artists’ experienced indulgence but still initiates it.

/ 4:54 min, 16:9, 2013 /
Concept: Mary Adam
Participants: Mary Adam, Stanislava Stoykova, Svetla Popova

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