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It makes me smile looking back on this. I'm wearing the bottom half of my old callipers and great big, soft knee supports, as I couldn't lock my knees (couldn't even imagine locking them actually). I used to hate that frame, then last year it became a friend, going round and round the village hall with me, allowing me to stand straight, lock my knees and walk. At the time, I used to just turn up with no real idea of what I was heading toward or what would fill the gap between this and my total recovery.

The hoist straps are loose but allow me rests, as much of my weight is going on my arms. The knee supports allow me to stay upright, but introduce the idea that they have to lock and unlock by themselves as they are flexible. Bit by bit, this brought feeling and awareness to the knees, in a way that full length callipers do not. This is because the mind knows that the callipers are there to do all the work, and so the brain stops making the effort.

I also like it as it shows the relationship between us as we work. There is good humour, but all the while he just pushes and pushes, and focuses hard on what I am doing, what's working what isn't and constantly tweaks, adjusts and pushes some more.

Watching these clips through one after the other, makes me realise how much he says “learn to control.” This is what I am here to do, and it is constantly being reinforced. Every time I want to make it easier for myself, he stops me and makes me work harder. Something that I appreciate at the end of every session!

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