Working with my team over at Blind, I directed a playful spot for Ziploc’s Back to School campaign through Energy BBDO. Titled “Origami,” the challenge was to use a stop-motion aesthetic while retaining the idea that Ziploc Bags keep food fresh.

With so many approaches available, from traditional stop-motion to fully computer-generated imagery, we had to determine what would give our clients the look they were after, without compromising the amount of control we needed.

We started by building a few practical elements to determine the look and feel of how we built each set piece as well as what kinds of movement were appropriate to maintain the visual language of stop-motion animation. In the end, we created a solution utilizing 3d techniques to mimic traditional stop-motion animation while conveying “freshness” in a fun and quirky way.

Blind was also invited to create a unique end tag for a related campaign. In this case, we were given open creative to pack as much fun-filled school related animation into eight seconds. The result was a chalkboard inspired narrative reminiscent of classroom daydream doodles.

Produced at Blind.
Role: Creative Director

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