The first instalment of Georgie Roxby Smith's new body of work - Peacekeeper [hello_I_love_you] - June 2013
Live game intervention machinima.

Exploring the dissociation of gun violence and the atrocities of war through the safety of "the screen" and the paradigm of "the game", Peacekeeper (borrowing the name of the latest available firearm on Call of Duty Black Ops MMO) is a playful intervention with dark connotations. Peacekeeper plays on the "seriousness of play" from fellow online players and historical records of enemies befriending each during lulls in conflict in WWI & II before heading back to their trenches the next day. After all, we are all living feeling, human beings, despite the horrors inflicted by real life wars or the less important but still evidential abuse inflicted - safely behind our screens & in the privacy of our homes - to each other via online game mics, instant messages and the competitive virtual violence against our avatars . Hello … I love you…peace out… :-)

Part of a body of work to be released at NOW13:New Media Art Now in June 2013, consisting of machinima, sculpture and digital prints.

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