We are the graduating 3D class of Otis 2013 and we would like to present to you a reel that consists of most of our best CG, Visual Effects and 3D animation work!

Our fellow motion graphics class's awesome reel inspired us to make our own. You can see their work at


We're also having a showing of our work on May 9th and May 10th. The 9th is for industry types and 10th is for family and friends. Try to make it out if you want to see more of our work.

9045 Lincoln Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Hope you guys enjoy!

Little Union – Ritual Union


Frank Shi – frankshi.com
Wendy Pham – wendypham.tv
Florent Raffray - fxflo.com
Pedro Mendoza - pedrosaid.tv
Angela Chong - angelachong.tv
Wing Sze Lee - wing-szelee.com
Rosa Fong - rosamarie3d.com
Bowen Paul Jiang - bowenjiang3d.com
Rachel Choi - curioustoki.tv
Xanthe Menor - xanthemenor.com
Chad Delalglesia - delaiglesiaart.com
June Ahn - juneahn.tv
Lindsey Roh - lindseyroh.com
Mike Estrada - mikestradavfx.com
Xuan Buddhavong - xuannb.com
Byron S. Valencia - byronsvalencia.com
Christabel Kim - cbell.tv
Jenny Kim - jennykim.tv

In the reel but not apart of CG class of 2013:
Vincent Wang – vincentbwang.tv
Henry Pak- jhptoki.tv
Daniel Zhang - danielmzhang.tv
Silvia Yom – syom.tv
Harumi Yoshida - haruume.com


0:00 – Vincent Wang (beginning Slate)
0:05 – Wing Sze Lee (Modeling, Texturing Lighting, Comping)
0:08 – Frank Shi (Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Comping), Silvia Yom (Design, 2D Animation)
0:12 – Christabel Kim (Everything)
0:14 – Florent Raffray (Everything)
0:16 – Pedro Mendoza (Everything)
0:18 – Pedro Mendoza (Everything), Florent Raffray (Everything)
0:20 – Angela Chong (Texturing, Lighting, Comping)
0:21 – Byrong S. Valencia (Texturing, Lighting, Animation)
0:22 – June Ahn (Everything)
0:24 – Wendy Pham (Texturing, Lightng, Comping)
0:26 – Rosa Fong (Lighting Texturing, Modeling)
0:28 – Jenny Kim (Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Comping)
0:30 – Wing Sze Lee (Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Comping)
0:32 – Xanthe Menor (Character Animaton)
0:37 – Chad De la lglesia (Character Animation)
0:45 – Bowen Paul Jiang (Character Animation)
0:51 – Angela Chong (Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Comping)
0:53 – Frank Shi (Texturing, Lighting, Comping, Rigging, Character Modeling), Xanthe Menor(Character Animaton), Rosa Fong (Foreground Rock Modeling) Juston Gordon (Character Design)
0:56 – Florent Raffray (Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Comping)
0:59 – Rachel Choi (Comping) Harumi Yoshida ( DP)
1:01 – Rachel Choi (Comping, Texturing) Harumi Yoshida (DP), Sol Lee (Carousel Modeling), Angela Chong(Bunny Modeling)
1:02 – Mike Estrada (Everything)
1:04 – Florent Raffray (Everything but Whale Model)
1:08 – Rosa Fong (Everything)
1:10 – Angela Chong (Modeling)
1:11 – Wendy Pham (Everything)
1:14 – Pedro Mendoza (Texturing, Lighting, Comping)
1:15 – Wendy Pham (Everything)
1:16 – Frank Shi (Texturing, Lighting, Comping)
1:18 – Florent Raffray (Texturing, Lighting, Comping)
1:20 – Frank Shi (All CG elements) , Daniel Zhang(Composting), Chad De la iglesia (Llama Animation)
1:22 – Lindsey Roh (Everything)
1:24 – Wendy Pham (Everything)
1:27 – Lindsey Roh (Texturing, Lighting, Comping)
1:28 – Rosa Fong (Texturing), Wendy Pham (Lighting), Nhi Vho (Comping)
1:30 – Xuan Buddhavong (Texturing, Lighting, Comping)
1:32 – Frank Shi (Texturing, Lighting, Comping)
1:33 – Wendy Pham (Texturing, Lighting, Comping), Xanthe (Butterfly Animation), Frank Shi (Butterfly Modeling and Rigging)
1:36 – Frank Shi (All CG elements), Daniel Zhang(Composting), Chad Delaglesia (Llama Animation)
1:38 – Florent Raffray (Comping, face modeling and texturing) Jane Min and Adam Park (environment modeling and texturing), Wing Sze Lee (mechanical arm modeling and texturing), Adam Park (back cable modeling), Chris Yi (back cable texturing)
1:42 – Henry Pak (end slate)

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