Dear friends!
Many of you know me as a content provider to the stock photo market. I've made a lot of shoots and pleased many with my photographs. I am very grateful to Shutterstock and Blendimages for their support and understanding. I've learned a lot and now I would like to make a serious project the result of which will be two art books. Unfortunately, I am unable to start the project on my own due to financial reasons and therefore I am starting a Kickstarter campaign that you can check (atlink will be available 13.05.13) The opportunity to help the project through PayPal is also available at . I don't want to leave you without compensation and so I have prepared a number of interesting presents for those who help fund the project. Everyone will get goodies! I am also grateful for any support and spreading of the word about my project. Thank you for being with me, thank you for your friendship and help!
Your Russian friend Vladimir

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