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The LEVEL-ONE ring from LAUSE is presenting to those men looking for elegance and feeling insufficiency in some moments of the day.

The Revolution of Accessories

Accessories are often used to make the outfit more completed and make people look more special. Moreover, some kind of accessories are representing the power and dignity of certain group of people in history. For instant, the Baoding balls and the jade thumb rings in the Chinese society

LAUSE is going to provide owners a more special experience with their accessories, they are no longer for styling only, but merging with any of peoples little actions. As LAUSE's first product, there is a little maze hidden in the ring, try to solve it in order to get the parts separate from each other. The LEVEL-ONE ring is not only an accessory, but all about the sense, the power and the dignity. There is no forerunners found in the market with the concept combining such ideas, features, and functions.
A Hidden Entertainment and Refreshment

People usually have different petty action like biting the fingers and playing with the watch which they keep doing in some situation but oblivious to those moves. The LEVEL-ONE ring is designed in the observation of those little thing happening in daily life.

There are chances you are concentrated in a formal meeting but you have nothing else to work with. The ring is not drawing too much of your attention while you are listening to people; or when you need to stop and wait for some time in the lift lobby waiting at peak hour or in the meeting room waiting for a conversation with the late client. Those moments seem not worth mentioning, but we concern about it, feel free to enjoy the entertainment and refreshment from the ring in any situation.

The Golden Ratio

The scale is being considered throughout the process of development. Golden ration is believed to be the best solution from aesthetic aspect and it contributes to the meaning of the ring.

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