On April 30, 2013 Dominica's local TV station SAT TV did an interview with Hans Schilders, PR & Membership Committee chair of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth, DM.
The interview concerned the Do-Not-Litter Project. 24 double-sided signs along the highway from St. Joseph to Portsmouth, One Mile. Objective of the campaign is to make the public aware not to litter (from their cars) and to keep Dominica beautiful for themselves and for tourists visiting the island.
Many members of the private sector have adopted is stretch of the road by paying for the sign and by committing to keep their stretch free of litter (either by cleaning it by their own staff or by paying Rotary to do so).
The project is inspired by the great work that Dr. John Sands and his team are already doing voluntary for several years: keeping the roads and several beaches free of litter from Layou to Purple Turtle.

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