Music: Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera, by Shehnail

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Copied from, I'm making weekly videos out of footage from my 1 Second a Day project: Some rules I'm testing out:

- Each short piece will have a theme.

- I'm going to try and make one every week. This is good since I've stopped publishing the longer piece, you can have a small taste.

- Any footage I've shot for the longer piece can be used. This means that with all the extra footage I've gathered, I can use material that isn't even in the longer piece. Excited about this one since I get to share angles and perspectives that didn't make it.

- I can edit the footage in any order, it doesn't have to be chronological.

- I will incorporate music. Looking forward to working with audio more. No idea if copyright applies to such short pieces. Hope it's OK!

- I can add effects like, reverse timing or racked focus in post-.

Everything was shot on an iPhone 5. Edited in Final Cut Pro X.

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