Based on memories of a childhood, living next to a collector of cinematics.

HD, B&W& Color, Stereo
9min 50sec
Original Title: Der Schrottmann
Copyright Fabian&Fred 2013

- San Diego Int. Kids’ Film Festival, Winner Best Mixed Media
- 16th Kyoto International Film Festival, Japan, Winner Grand Prix
- FilmFestSpezial Osnabruck 2015, Germany, Winner
- 7th Soundtrack Cologne, won European Talent Award (Filmscore and Sounddesign)
- Filmbewertungsstelle (FBW): Seal of Approval "particularly valuable / highly recommended“
- Filmbewertungsstelle (FBW): „Short film of the Month“

- 14th Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival 2013, Germany
- 36th Grenzland Filmtage 2013, Germany
- 5th CMS International Children's Film Festival 2013, India
- 9th European Short Film Festival at MIT 2013, USA
- 15th Bunter Hund 2013, Germany
- 4th Rozafa AnimFest 2013, Skhodra, Albania
- 16th Kyoto International Student Film Festival 2013, Japan
- Night of Museums, Cologne 2013, Germany
- Short.14 Kurzfilmfestival, Offenbach, Germany 2014, Germany
- San Diego International Kids' Film Festival 2014, USA
- GUIKFF Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival 2014, Korea
- 40th FILMETS Badalona Film Festival 2014, Spain
- FilmFestSpezial Osnabrück 2015, Germany
- 8th Int. Children’s Film Festival Bangladesh 2015
- MiCe Valencia 2015, Spain
- Maryland International Kids Film Festival 2015, USA
- Lahore International Children’s Film Festival 2015, India
- BOGOSHORTS - Bogota Short Film Festival 2015, Colombia

Written and Directed by Fabian Driehorst
Produced by Paul Wylesalek
Sound by Jens Heuler
Animation by Frédéric Schuld
Cinematography by Enno Endlicher
Cast Marit Wierleuker, Britta Klinge, Felix Schlueter, Winfried Schwarz
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