Sorry to be uploading yet another one of these sorts of videos - they do get quite old! This video is in tandem with an actual how to video I have uploaded here:

This is the usual flowers sort of deal. Apart from my shocking filming techniques, (I need to build a follow focus unit of some sort because it was impossible to touch the lens without wobbling the camera) I found that low light shooting was fairly grainy with or without the motor running. Indoor shooting is OK so long as it's day light outside. There is some minor color correction on the first 3 shots but the last one I spent some more time on just for the sake of it. I have not cropped the footage at all so I am very happy with the almost unnoticeable vignetting, and only slight chromatic aberration that I can see... I'm no pro though so feedback would be wonderful.

Filmed using a Canon HF200, with a Canon Ee-S focusing screen and a Nikon 1.8D AF lens at max aperture. No macro lenses were needed due to the 37mm thread size on the front of the camera itself. I have not tested different camera settings yet so that may help with image quality later on.

Thanks for watching!

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