This is a professional light-weight remote head for live action, time lapse and visual effects cinematography. The user interface is a multi-axes jog box connected via wi-fi to an iPad mini. This setup allows precise control of the head and configurations for a diverse number of applications with a minimal number of components. The system will allow the user to record and playback moves; key frame camera positions creating automatic and manual smooth fits with them; and run those moves at different camera speeds. By adding a sync box, it will allow the user to perform frame accurate repeatable motion control VFX shots.

The head can be connected to a Mac computer via USB, where a complete motion control suite will allow the user to create, edit and store motion control camera moves for visual effects, table-top precise camera work, repeatable and frame accurate shots, linear and non-linear time lapse, and stop and go motion, among others.

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Phone: (818) 843-6715

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