Contemporary dance & interactive video . creation 2013
/// choreography Alexandre Munz
/// scenography Damien Serban and Yann Bertrand
/// musics from Alva Noto + Pan Sonic + Ben Frost + CoH
/// dancers Julien Gaillac and Pansun Kim

The concept of proprioception (body awareness in 3D space) is in the heart of the S.A.F.E. project's last creation. This contemporary consciousness, often considered as a 6th sense, encompasses and regulates the other five senses.
For over a year, the artistic team behind "Sens Fiction" drew in this hypothesis the inspiration for interactions between dancers and digital images. The choreographer created movements for his performers by developing its own space writing tools. It has been experiments at the border of dance and neurosciences.
Throughout the process of creating, "choreographic accidents" and its saturations, its scars and sutures, were assumed and integrated throughout the final vision of this project.
Digital projections are not used as a subterfuge to reality, but as living materials of their own, with their peculiarities and defects. They came to life while staging, and, although abstract, they are both the occurrence of a
fifth dancer and the chimerical construction of the four dancers made of flesh and bones.

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